Cassandra Khouri

Speech & Language Pathologist

Cassandra is an energetic Speech Pathologist with a passion for improving the communication skills of children and adults in order to improve their quality of life. Cassandra is bilingual and has often acted as an interpreter for Arabic speaking families.

Cassandra has worked with a range of disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Global Developmental Delay and Selective Mutism. Cassandra completed training in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy to help bring about meaningful and positive change in behaviour for children with Autism and related developmental difficulties.

Cassandra has worked in a range of primary schools and pre-schools and enjoys working alongside teaching staff to provide strategies that promote speech and language development in the classroom. Cassandra has implemented various service deliveries including whole class, small groups and one-one intervention to help clients reach their goals.

She is also highly interested in paediatric speech, language and stuttering. She is highly competent in implementing diagnostic assessments and interventions for children varying in age, background and communication needs.

Cassandra also enjoys her clinical work with adults who experience swallowing and communication difficulties. She has worked with a range of clients with disability and acquired disorders (e.g Cerebral Palsy, Neurogenic disorders, Brain Injury and stroke) to develop functional life skills within their overall communication,  and / or strengthened swallow function, resulting in a much enhanced quality of life.

Outside her passion in working with children and adults as a Speech Pathologist, Cassandra enjoys baking and cooking. She enjoys experiencing new foods with family and friends. Cassandra also enjoys staying active and travelling Sydney in search for the best hikes and coastal walks.

Cassandra is dedicated to maintaining an evidence based and holistic approach when managing client’s needs. She believes that consistent communication between families, educational and/ or health professionals is crucial in achieving the best outcomes for clients. Cassandra understands that each client is unique and so has a focus on making therapy engaging and interactive while working towards individually tailored goals.

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