Paediatric Feeding

Why see a Speech Pathologist?

Difficulties with feeding in infancy and childhood can be stressful for families. Did you know that many of the same muscles that are responsible for speech are also used for feeding. There is a known link between early feeding development and speech. A speech pathologist has a unique knowledge of the head and neck anatomy and function.

A speech pathologist may be able to help with many aspects of feeding from birth including:

  • Difficulties with breast or bottle feeding attachment, sucking or swallowing.
  • Difficulty transitioning to solids or across food textures (eg: to lumpy foods).
  • Difficulty drinking from a cup.
  • Gagging on food.
  • Difficulty chewing.

A speech pathologist can assess various feeding difficulties arising from issues with muscle tone, coordination, anatomy or sensory integration.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s feeding or associated weight gain/failure to thrive, a speech pathology assessment may be able to help.

To book in with a Speech Pathologist who has extensive experience and training in paediatric feeding, call: 02 9553 1400 or email:

Speech Pathologist’s with established skills in paediatric feeding are available at our Kogarah, Miranda and Kirrawee clinics.