Secret Agent Society Group Program – Registrations are OPEN

The SAS Program is a revolutionary Social Skills program for 8-12 year olds with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders*

Skills taught include:

  • Recognising emotions in themselves and others.
  • Expressing feelings in appropriate ways.
  • Coping with feelings of anger and anxiety.
  • Starting, continuing and ending conversations and play activities with others.
  • Telling the difference between friendly joking and mean teasing.
  • Managing bullying.
  • Coping with making mistakes.
  • Handling new situations and asking for help when needed.

Fun, small group (3-6 students) child therapy sessions and parent information sessions ensure the best outcome for supporting social skills progress and development.

For more information on the program, please visit the Secret Agent Society website.

Our next SAS Group Program is scheduled for Term 3, 2018.

To register your interest, contact us today.

* Program may also be suitable for children not classified as high functioning ASD.