NDIS – Where are you up to?

The NDIS is rolling out across Sydney and we have found a number of people unsure of how to access their funding. Here are a few steps to help you along the way.

Step 1 – Make sure you meet the Accessibility Requirements for the NDIS

Step 2 – Visit the NDIS website and follow your NDIS Pathway to apply and access funds.

Step 3- Once you have received confirmation of your funds, and once THSP has been approved as providers under the NDIS, you can contact us directly by calling 9553 1400 or via email to book in with our Speech Pathology team.

If you need further help, the NDIS website has a number of support pages including a weekly Q&A. There is also further information on Early Childhood Intervention through the NDIS here.

Talking Heads are registered providers through the NDIS and are able to assist you with your speech pathology needs.