Feeding – How can a Speech Pathologist help?!

Difficulties with feeding in infancy and childhood can be stressful for families.

Many of the same muscles that are responsible for speech are also used for feeding; thus the link between early feeding development and speech.

A speech pathologist has a unique knowledge of the head and neck anatomy and function, and may be able to help with many aspects of feeding from birth including:

  • Difficulties with breast or bottle feeding attachment, sucking or swallowing
  • Difficulty transitioning to solids or across food textures (e.g. to lumpy foods)
  • Difficulty drinking from a cup
  • Gagging on food
  • Difficulty chewing

A speech pathologist can assess various feeding difficulties arising from issues with muscle tonecoordinationanatomy or sensory integration.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s feeding or associated weight gain/failure to thrive, a speech pathology assessment may be able to help.